Saturday, March 3, 2012

Shower Unit - CL Deal!!

I know, I know.  I already bought two sweet Barber Wilsons thermostatic shower units at BIG last year.  But I couldn't help myself when I found this on CL for cheapity-cheap-cheap.
So maybe we'll put a thermostatic shower in the master bath and we can put this badboy in the guest bath.  Still pretty fancy stuff for a guest bath.  And we can save the extra thermostatic unit for our house if ever we get around to renovating it for ourselves. (Hope hope hope).

I haven't spent a lot of time in showers with rain heads.  I believe my folks have one and I think it is generally a lovely sensation, but does it generate the kind of pressure a fellow needs to get the soap and shampoo gone?

Jeepers, BarWil makes some beautiful looking plumbing, eh?  If it wasn't already apparent, my taste in bathroom fixtures leans heavily toward the exposed plumbing - I love having the mixer visible and all the hardware right out there in the open - especially when it looks as good as this stuff does.  I think this satin nickel unit lists for over $1500!! Again, I say to you, CRAZY!!!

Okay, well there is one catch.  Below is a pic of the riser pipe that runs from the control mixer to the bit right above that the shower head extension hooks into.  Anyway, the pipe is only 32 inches - someone apparently cut it down from the 41 or 42 inch standard length.  And a replacement pipe is around $480.  So, I won't be getting one of those.  All that means though is that the shower controls will be 10 inches higher on the shower wall than they normally would.  Instead of being somewhere around mid-abdomen, they will be closer to chest height.  Any problem with that?

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