Wednesday, March 28, 2012

cl score / elongated toilets?

[3/29/12 UPDATE: It is ours!]
Seems like the best source for new low-priced plumbing fixtures and lighting and the like is design/build firms that have bought the stuff for jobs and then ended up not using it. 
I found this Waterworks toilet on CL a few weeks ago.  I emailed the seller a few times to ask the price and never heard back.  Then, today, the guy emails me back and says CHEAP! COME GET IT!  It will cost less than the cheapest generic at Home Depot.  So I called him back and we make arrangements for me to pick up and pay and then he starts telling me about the basement they have full of plumbing, construction, lighting and related materials and basically he is just trying to make a few bucks before he gives it away or throws it away.  I told him about BIG NYC and I said I'd hook him up with the folks up there who will certainly come get anything new and useful that he has. 
Anyway, I guess I don't really know the diff between a normal toilet and an "elongated" toilet except that most reviews on the web say they take the same amount of space but the elongated toilet is "more comfortable".  Sounds okay to me. 

I like the look of it.  Kind of old school lines. Mostly, I like that the top lid is flat and has a little lip around it so that anything that gets set on it won't roll off onto the floor. How often do I set stuff on top of a toilet lid? Only when doing repairs in a tenant's bathroom - but on those occasions, there is nothing more irritating than my screwdrivers or whatever rolling off the toilet lid or toilet seat onto the floor. And!! it would be a lovely place for a houseplant.  Right?!

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