Friday, April 27, 2018

Living-Dining Room Hybrid Layout Ideas

#1 - Similar shape and layout LR but narrower and doors are open so no need to leave room for entry door in-swing.  I don't like the table placement, but I really really like the open door to the entry area.  Worth thinking about.  Also, painting over painting between the windows is really nice and feels less... precious? less emphasis on pride of place?

#2 - Note how important the dedicated light fixture over the dining table is to creating feel of a separate space.  We can do that.  TBD.

#3 - Totally diff shaped room, but interesting to see the table in front of the fireplace.  And, while we're at it, is that a Nicola Tyson over the mantle?  (I don't think so, but it has the same strong brushstrokes in primaries/secondaries on a neutral background.  I like it.)

#4 - Including this one to show how to manage a long LR with separate uses at either end.  Again, the off center light fixture  over the table makes a big diff to defining the space - worth considering moving ours over 12 inches.  It is narrower than our space so built-ins on the near-wall side of the dining table wouldn't cramp the dining area any more than this one is already. Also, love love love the dining chairs - Wegner rope seats I think with a sexy, curvaceous back rest.

#5 - This is an upper floor so it has the extra room to the side, but still - the credenza/buffet is nice to see.

#6 - Just one question:  Where the F do these people keep all their pots and pans and stuff?  Or do they just not have much stuff?

#7 - Out of reach.  I like that there is a whole other dining area on the porch mirroring the indoor one.

#8 - Pretty good.  The off-center rug defines the dining space.  We should do that.  This setup makes me wonder if we should have gotten a bigger dining table - we can't fit 10 people at ours!

#9 - This is it! This is the one. This could be our thing. I love this! I love both ends of this living-dining room.  How do we feel about built-in base cabinets with no shelves above?  I like the look and it doesn't make it feel crowded.  And at the other end, the full built-ins are nice - as are the drapes, and the light fixture and the lounge chairs - yes the lounge chairs - oh, the lounge chairs!
#10 - A lot of good things going on here.  Mirror between windows.  Broad plank table.  Nice seating area arrangement. Cool lounge chairs.  Beautiful wood frame on the right side.  

#11 - Just admiring the view through the three spaces: kitchen, dining room, living room.  Oh, and we should hang a boat from our kitchen ceiling.

#12 - Again, the view through the three spaces: kitchen, dining room, living room.   I like this one more.  Buffet on the right.  Art over it.  Separate lighting schemes for the separate ends of the room.  A console separates LR from DR.

#13 - Nice table.  Nice benches.  Not our layout, but worth a think.

Built-Ins Beside a Fireplace - Preliminary Thoughts

Here we go:

#1 - Lovely, but a little deep and not sure it would work if we only do one side of the chimney breast.  Also, there is no chimney breast here so it isn't our set-up.

#2 - Again, very nice.  I like this more - not as deep - indeed, sort of flush with the front of the chimney breast.

#3 - I love this - I thought I wanted the bookshelves to be shallower than the base cabinets, but this makes me reconsider.  Note however that these shelves are full width - not cobbled together bookcases - and the base cabinets are reeaaaaalllly wide.

#4 - I like the built-ins, but I don't like that they extend beyond the mantle.

#5 - Fantastic layout - and the only thing I've found that has a dining table in front of the built-ins.  So, bravo!  I'm not minding even that the base cabinets are flush with the bookcases.  But the style is a little rustic, beach-housey for me.

#6 - Again, I don't love the base cabinets proud of the mantle.

#7 - YASSSSSS!!! SLAY! I'm ready to have these installed immediately (at Ikea prices of course).  And I love the fireplace surround - marble rocks.

#8 - Shy, proud, shy, proud, shy, proud, shy...  Yuck!!!  And I didn't expect to so thoroughly dislike the way the fireplace surround/mantle is integrated (at least sylistically) with the built-ins.  YUCKO!!
#9 - I like this a lot.  Note that the base cabs and the shelves are flush - not a problem.  I even like the modern mantle treatment.  Right on.  And that boat on the right side is super-cool.

#10 - Same as #4 but with a diff perspective.  I still don't like the base cabinets so far proud of the mantle.

#11 - This one makes the point better - it just feels crowded with the base cabinets sticking out so far in front of the fireplace.  Not my thing.

#12 - I like this a lot, but not so much for us for a few reasons: (a) all custom work so $$$, (b) color is a little too much warmth for what we have going on, (c) too busy for our already busy space, and (d) no base cabinets.  But still, a lovely arrrangement.  Gimme that marble mantle!

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

New Artwork: Scale Matters

After years of looking at some big white spaces on our walls, the past two weeks have seen extraordinary progress.

Two weekends ago, I picked this painting up at an estate sale in Cobble Hill:

I love it!  I am especially excited to have found an abstract painting of this size that I like so much.  SO MUCH!

It is by a painter named Joe Clark and was included in a show of his work entitled "Ibizan Bitch" in January 1962 at Camino Gallery in NYC.  (A little history: Camino Gallery was one of a group of artist-run, cooperative galleries known as the "10th Street Galleries" located in the East Village in the 50's and early 60's.  Alice Neel and Elaine DeKooning, among many others, were members of Camino.)

Then, this past Sunday, I bought this painting from my next door neighbor at his stoop sale.  His mother painted it sometime in the 60's:

V loves this one.  She says she feels about it the way I feel about the first one.  So, that is good.

The two paintings are on opposite walls facing one another at one end of our living room.

So, what about it?  

Well, the first big takeaway here is that scale matters a lot.  For 15 years we have been hanging small pieces in these large spaces and it never looked right.  

The second takeaway is that hanging art immediately is the way to go.  We live with dozens (literally) of small pieces of artwork that are not hung - just leaning on top of things or stacked in closets.  With each of these paintings, I went straight out and bought hooks and set up my laser level on a tripod and hung them right away.  

Finally, I am inspired to hang more of the art we like which is lying about as soon as possible.  I don't really need to worry about putting holes in the walls that I might regret since the walls I'll be hanging them on are so beat up anyway that it can only be an improvement.  Time to get on that.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Desk for Sadie

A couple options. One from ikea. One from overstock. 

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Rugs on RugsUSA

There are more of the either very plain or very traditional style rugs in neutral colors that I would be fine with, but of everything else, this is what I come up with. This is also excluding synthetic rugs for now.

The trouble with blue paint is that other colors seem to garish next to it and more blue seems too blue. Gray seems safe.

This above one is cotton, the rest are wool. 

Thursday, February 9, 2017

West Elm Rugs

A bunch of rugs are on sale before the spring line comes out. All prices are for 9x12. I would be happy with any of these, but as I said, I want to balance out the temperature of whichever paint we pick with the rug. Currently leaning toward F & B blue, so a warmer rug.
1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 10 are my faves.
1. Abstract wool rug, $979

2. Ashik wool. $839. Love these colors and the shag.

3. Bedouin shag kilim $650

4. Charm wool rug $959. Love this.

5. Marbled wool rug $839. If we went pink I think this would be a pretty way to tie it all down. Or blue. One of those light-colored ones that because it is so marbled I think would hide dirt actually.

6. Cascade rosette $909. Preeetty....

7. Distressed Ornament wool rug - rosette $979

8. Salma $1069.99

9. Watercolor Circles $559

10. Watercolor trellis blue $599.99. Shaggy, cheap(er) and easy to live with.

11. Watercolor trellis rug pink $1069.99

whoops - Kids room finalists

So the Farrow and Ball "borrowed light" turns out to be a really pretty pale blue-gray with a tiny bit of green. Very scandinavian and certainly unisex. Seriously considering for kids' room. I'm posting here alongside rug of the opposite temperature to show how much the rug color is going to influence the feeling of the room. 

Imagine Borrowed light walls with warm rug:

Or tissue pink walls with cool rug:

This balance is what I'm going for so it feels cozy and peaceful rather than like a baby's nursery or overly gendered.