Thursday, March 15, 2012

Craigslist - Clawfoot Tub - Potential Victory Snatched from the Rotting Carcass of Disappointment

Well, with a little searching, I found another clawfoot tub- purportedly from Waterworks - on CraigsList.  I'm still stinging from the bait and deny that the guy pulled on me earlier today, but this one might be a better choice - it is certainly more luxurious looking.  This one is out on Long Island -- way way way out on Long Island - Hamptonsey far!  This design is called a "slipper" tub.  V says it reminds her of The Death of Marat.  (Sorry the pix are lousy - this is what the seller could send me from her cellphone - nice lady though and she promises not to change her mind about selling it to me).
I called the Waterworks showroom in mid-town and a very nice woman there said to forward her the photos.  She confirmed that it is NOT a waterworks tub but she thinks it is probably a bargain nevertheless - on the basis of the tub-filler, she said to definitely buy it if it is a good price.  She confirmed the quality of the tub-filler and that it is Waterworks product.  So - I guess I need to find someone to help me load it into the car on Friday night or Saturday morning.  Urgh!!


Well, one certainly hopes it doesn't go this way - but this is about how I felt after the guy snatched back his tub earlier today!

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