Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Rugs on RugsUSA

There are more of the either very plain or very traditional style rugs in neutral colors that I would be fine with, but of everything else, this is what I come up with. This is also excluding synthetic rugs for now.

The trouble with blue paint is that other colors seem to garish next to it and more blue seems too blue. Gray seems safe.



This above one is cotton, the rest are wool. 

Thursday, February 9, 2017

West Elm Rugs

A bunch of rugs are on sale before the spring line comes out. All prices are for 9x12. I would be happy with any of these, but as I said, I want to balance out the temperature of whichever paint we pick with the rug. Currently leaning toward F & B blue, so a warmer rug.
1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 10 are my faves.
1. Abstract wool rug, $979

2. Ashik wool. $839. Love these colors and the shag.

3. Bedouin shag kilim $650

4. Charm wool rug $959. Love this.

5. Marbled wool rug $839. If we went pink I think this would be a pretty way to tie it all down. Or blue. One of those light-colored ones that because it is so marbled I think would hide dirt actually.

6. Cascade rosette $909. Preeetty....

7. Distressed Ornament wool rug - rosette $979

8. Salma $1069.99

9. Watercolor Circles $559

10. Watercolor trellis blue $599.99. Shaggy, cheap(er) and easy to live with.

11. Watercolor trellis rug pink $1069.99

whoops - Kids room finalists

So the Farrow and Ball "borrowed light" turns out to be a really pretty pale blue-gray with a tiny bit of green. Very scandinavian and certainly unisex. Seriously considering for kids' room. I'm posting here alongside rug of the opposite temperature to show how much the rug color is going to influence the feeling of the room. 

Imagine Borrowed light walls with warm rug:

Or tissue pink walls with cool rug:

This balance is what I'm going for so it feels cozy and peaceful rather than like a baby's nursery or overly gendered.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017


1. Gray Timber Wolf.
Classy. True gray but not too flat. Handsome. Not girly. Not too dark.

2. Gentleman's Gray.
Reads dark blue for sure. Handsome.

3. Sleepy Hollow
This is the more purple direction. I keep liking these kinds of grays in theory but then I'm freaked out they're gonna be really purple. I really don't want a purple room.

4. Wolf Gray. 
This is pretty great, I think. Classic and actually pretty cheerful for gray. Reads pretty blue. Hard to go wrong with this.

5. Gray Owl
Much lighter neutral. This color is beloved of designers for feeling "like a big warm hug". Has a teensy bit of green.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Guest Room Colors

My goals for this room: 
-calming, restful
-possibly more adventurous than we would be in our own room because the guest room is where you get to have a little fun
-color has depth even when doors are closed and there is no natural light (although honestly the kitchen doors are usually open)

1. Newburg Green

Newburg green room

2. November Rain

This is one of the colors you pick if you want white but don't have natural light in the space. It apparently can read greenish or grayish depending on the light.

3. Tranquility

4. Oil Cloth
This is the BM equivalent of Farrow and Ball's "Pigeon", which is gorgeous

Oil cloth on cupboards

5. Newburyport Blue

Kids' Room Paint Ideas

First of all, a couple of blush kids' rooms that feel colorful and cozy without being too girly ( I don't know the actual colors on these walls, but just as examples where the decor is unisex. The thing remember is that the kids' stuff is going to be colorful, so I don't want to overwhelm the walls).

#1. Tissue Pink

Tissue pink in a room. Thought to be universally flattering and calming.

#2. Wild Aster

 Wild aster in rooms

This is definitel leaning more girly, but can be balanced out with decor I think.