Monday, March 19, 2012

Design Idea meet CL Listing: Crystal Chandelier

There is a crystal chandelier on CL right now which the seller is describing as "a grand old beast of a chandelier".  As an expert in all things beastly, I intend to judge the beast-like qualities of this chandelier myself.  It isn't expensive, but she isn't giving it away either.  So, if it is missing a lot of crystals or if the frame is unattractive, then I will have no problem passing it up.  The last thing I need is another new project trying to find just the right crystals to match whatever is missing from this beast. 
This is the best the seller could do with photos - she claims it is too big and fragile to try to stand it up to photograph it or measure it. Using the seller's hands for scale, this is either a pretty big chandelier or a pretty tiny seller.

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