Wednesday, February 15, 2012

TBONTB - upholstered chairs

Since this blog began with an inquiry about the re-upholstery of a chair, it seems fitting that I should return to that topic in earnest.
What do we think of this chair?  I have been offered a pair of them in great condition, both just like this one.  The brown rug definitely makes it look worse than it would in a more contemporary or industrial or whatever setting.  How would it look on recycled maple flooring?  It is green wide wale velvet corduroy (or something like corduroy) and that isn't going away without a significant investment in re-upholstery.  Anyway, what do we think?

[UPDATE: We didn't get the chairs - for some reason they gave them to a thrift shop - bummer. Although I think V is probably happy about it. Oh well.]

design idea - salon wall staircase - framed art on damask wallpaper

Just some photos.  Couldn't find any pix of exactly what I have in mind, but I like these just for showing picture frame against damask.

design idea - staircase salon wall wallpaper

Maybe I'm tripping a little fabulous, but I am very excited about the possibilities for the wall along side the curved portion of the staircase running from the living room to the master bedroom.  The staircase runs a wide curve along the curved wall up to the landing.  (sadly, in the pic below, combining 3 photos into one sort of flattened the curved wall).

So... here is what I have in mind:

First: Damask wallpaper - velvet damask wallpaper!  I suggested red, but V wisely said she would like blue.  I'm okay with either, just so it says a little something crazy.  My favorites below are d, e, i and j (so I made them just a little bigger).












I love the idea of my children growing up going to a house with one wall of crazy velvet damask wallpaper that they get to touch and wear away dragging their dirty hands across it every time they go up or down the staircase.  Velvet wallpaper is a wonderful experience.  I want to have it. 

And then there is the bigger question of what sort of artwork to hang and how to frame it.  But I think I'll save that for the next post.

TBONTB: Claw Foot Tub

I found this nice-ish looking claw foot tub on Craigslist and I'm thinking about it.  Yes, I know, there are a million claw foots on CL, but this one looks to be in great shape and it comes with some very very pretty hardware.  So, the big question is whether the finish on it is original or if it has been re-"enameled" - i.e., painted with a hard enamel paint.  If it has been re-enameled, then it is not what I want since that stuff never looks too good and then peels up within a couple years.  This tub is about an hour away so I don't want to go check it out unless I am reasonably sure it has not been re-finished.
Also, I am a little concerned that the water knobs on the hardware are missing - I'm about to call my favorite plumbing supply and see if they can tell me what is available to replace the missing bits.
In any event, just looking at it is a starting point. Thoughts?

Monday, February 13, 2012

Design Idea: V's Ideal Bathroom

Image from Pinterest, source unknown.
This is my ideal Bathroom! More a style than a layout, but all the elements are the painted tub and the two different shaped tiles.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Design Idea - Bathroom Sink

Has anyone ever seen a sink like this? It is small but amazing - the color seems to be baked into the porcelain and there is a ring of gold around the top lip.  it is much much too lovely for us - somehow, with all its loveliness, it manages not to be precious though.  So that is good. 
Well, okay, it isn't just an idea. We bought it.
We're going to have to swap out the faucet hardware though since we can't actually suffer having hot hand cold water coming out of different taps. I figure we drill a center hole, and use a 3 hole wide-spread faucet setup. Whee!!