Tuesday, March 27, 2012

design idea: Glass Shower Enclosure and Chickens!!

I followed up with a CL seller today about a glass shower enclosure she listed on CL cheap - it appears to be 1/2" thick frameless glass door and walls with hinges and hardware CHEAP!  Assuming it is what she says it is, even if we only use the door, it is an incredible deal (basically, it seems like she needs someone to take it away).  

It appears to be four good pieces of half inch tempered glass.  And I don't even think we would need to replace any of the four pieces of glass to increase the shower size since we could just build out a little wall on either side - plus, the short side which, in this photo, sits on the tub edge, would just sit on a little wall at the end of the vanity/sink counter.  so this probably works pretty well.  But again, even if we use nothing but the door and just install it into a framed and tiled shower, it is a giveaway.

So, anyway, I spoke to the seller by phone and asked her to send me a few clearer pix of the shower enclosure and hardware, but somehow she got it in her head that I want to see pictures of everything else she is selling (which seems to be everything in her house).  Which brings me to the following...

What does it say about me that my first thought upon seeing these chickens was AWESOME!!! I didn't even hesitate to wonder why? or What would it be like to live with taxidermied poultry? or any of the other perfectly reasonable things that might go through a person's mind seeing four stuffed roosters.  Not me.  I just went from zero to AWESOME!!!

Maybe a little more reasonably, I like this chair she is getting rid of.  I always wanted a leather club with an ottoman.  Nowhere to store it though so I'm not going to dally with it.

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