Tuesday, March 13, 2012

CL Find - Clawfoot Tub

Looks like we might have scored a nice new clawfoot tub with hardware on CL today super-duper cheap.  I hope I hope I hope.  I was apparently the first one to call and I agreed to the price and we are picking it up on Saturday morning.  So, I am praying that the seller doesn't for some reason go ahead and sell it or give it to someone else or change his mind about the price or some other such bummer thing that can easily happen with CL finds of this sort.
Anyway, it is a Waterworks cast iron clawfoot tub with Waterworks nickel plated brass hardware.  Super exciting if it happens.
Here it is.  (NOTE: There is a tiny spec of chipped porcelain on the tub - hence the price - this is what the finger is pointing to in the picture way below - I think it must have just been a tiny bubble that popped - no biggie in any event).


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