Friday, April 15, 2011

design ideas - upholstery - POP!

DAMN!! I love me some bright red upholstery!! But florals or traditional patterns.
I would credit the folks who originally posted these pix on the web, but I didn't save the info - it was a while ago. Bummer.

Sweet! It's like Copacabana or Ipanema or one of those.

Hmmm: Lemme check...


Okay - so more Ipanema than Copacabana but kind of like the two made colorful pillow babies.
+ =

Damask!! Boo yah!!!

Ignore the question mark. That was from the original post which I haven't the link to.

So, what is it I like about these upholstery choices? They pop, certainly.
I like the incongruity (incongruousness?) of the traditional form of the chairs and styling generally playing against the color/pop!
RULE: Henceforth, Pop! is a four letter word spelled with an exclamation point. I'd make it a five letter word if I had easier access to that upside down Spanish punctuation.

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