Friday, April 29, 2011

design idea - hoosier

We're going to go see this one tomorrow on our way up to or back from the house.  Probably makes more sense to see it on the way back since the car will be packed to the gills with the hardwood flooring so we wouldn't be able to take it even if we love it.
Not sure which brand it is, but it is oak and it apparently has a nice finish and the enamel on the countertop is in great shape.  And it is 48" wide, whereas most are just 36" wide - so it's big.  I like the look of it - wish more of the wood were quarter or rift sawn though.  The only issue I know of is that the roll top needs to be fixed - apparently the canvas backing has deteriorated so it needs to be re-glued to new backing - how hard could that be?
OOOH! And it's on wheels!
What do you think? (and don't talk to me about the pottery next to it or that silly goose on top)

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