Friday, April 15, 2011

design ideas

All these pics are from Lindsay & Fitzhugh's place.
Found them on Apt Therapy at:

How about this for the door from the box to the tube - but the track would extend out off the landing and into the open space hanging in the atrium.

And this for the kitchen shelving - heavy - wood - iron - simple - but with curved backs on the shelves so they sit flush up against the walls.

And, finally, I like this for simple but elegant knife storage - I don't like knives in drawers - it's scary like reaching into a box of nails - magnetic wall storage is nice, but seeing knife blades when you're not thinking about using a knife always evokes images of some murderous shit.
So, this:

Oh, and not to forget - we're already heading this way, but what do you think of these light fixtures? (in the upper right quarter of the frame). In theory we could frost the inside of the fresnels we already have. But it might be nice, instead of soffet lighting, to go with a series of explosion-proof style outdoor/ship lights like these but with frosted or milkglass lenses (lenses?). By having them visible along the curved wall of the kitchen, we would sort of amplify the curvature of the room. Hmm. Or not. Whatever, we can get relatively cheap versions and try them out.

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