Friday, April 15, 2011

design ideas - stairs

Again, who knows where I copies these pics from. Got them months ago and tucked them in a folder. I'll be better when I start updating with newly found source material.

So, this pic is just about the photo of the landing on the right. Can we do something this simple as the guardrail on the landing outside the tube?

I like these a lot - but what's best is that the bannister posts are perpendicular to the stringer so they make it feel like an escalator or a cat-walk or something.
Oh, and great big heavy wood treads. Me likey.

I like this center stringer a lot. This one looks so simple - and I could maybe use old bowling alley flooring for the treads? Maybe? It's the handrail that makes it more difficult I think. What do I know? Nothing!

More stairs to come.

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