Monday, April 25, 2011

design ideas - BIG NYC! hardwood flooring / interior windows

Let's be very clear about this: I took these pix myself on my cellphone - that's why they don't look amazing.  Tough!

So, first of all, here's about 1/3 of the hardwood flooring we picked up the other day at BIG NYC. I measured it all and did some math and it comes to 85.4 square feet of flooring.  The long boards are still in the back of the car.  I have to unload them tomorrow night.  V and I bundled this pile out behind the car on the street this evening then brought it into the house just to get it out of the car so that I can use the car on Friday afternoon for other things. (I bought a big roll of hemp rope just for the occasion)

Also included here are pix of these old casement windows we picked up at BIG NYC.  We're thinking we'll try to use these around the soffit / upper wall (whatever you call that thing) around the kitchen.  We'll see.  In any case, they were cheap and they look pretty cool and they have neat old hardware on them.

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