Monday, April 18, 2011

design idea - industrial chandelier

A few years ago I had to hire some guys to clean out a dumbwaiter shaft that was totally packed from the basement up to the third floor with construction debris that some idiot had thrown down it rather than getting a dumpster.  Anyway, at some point, while trying to free the tangled piles of stuff in the shaft the guys doing the work all of a sudden yelled and jumped back and there was a loud crash as something very heavy came dislodged and fell out of the shaft.  It was the old top pulley from the dumbwater.  It is big and iron and it weighs a lot.
So, my plan now is to make a chandelier out of it if I can.

V suggests something with Mason jars rather than crystals.  I'm okay with that plan.  The wiring will have to be exposed so I think some sort of old-style cotton covered lamp wire.  

Here are some pix found of what others have done:

The above pix (most of them at least) are from these sites:

And here are some without jars - but industrial nevertheless:

Even though it's from Pottery Barn, I like this one - the Edison Chandelier.  Maybe I start with this type of configuration and then just dangle and wrap the cords through the spokes and around the wheel.  That would work probably.|20|||0|||||||edison

This is going the right direction:

But this is the one!!!  - Next post is all about the pulleys I'm going to need to suspend the chandelier from. (okay, maybe not the very next post, but someday soon)

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