Sunday, May 1, 2011

design idea - old utility sink for kitchen?

So here's a sink I found cheap on Craigslist that gets me thinking about options for a "country kitchen".  This thing is massive and not so pretty, but there is something great about it but what if we tiled the front in subway tiles in a dazzling color (a shimmery sea blue or something like that?

And what if we put it up on old cast iron legs like the ones under this great big old machine? (not including the boxy, coffin-looking part sitting on top of the legs, of course)

Is this just a little too much re-purposing, a little too clunky or might it look amazing if we cleaned the legs completely and painted them a beautiful shade of deep shiny blue?
What do you think?
As to the toe stubbing issue - I think that the front wall of the sink juts out far enough that the forward feet of the base would still be just behind the top front lip of the sink.

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Lisa Johnson said...

I've been looking for the same sink for my kitchen. This is either soap stone or concrete. Either way it can be polished and waxed and I think you'll like it so much you'll wonder why you ever thought of tiling the front the legs in blue would be amazing. some new fixtures (might want to go with wall mount faucet) and lay the counter to overlap back and sides. It'll be the most amazing centerpiece to your kitchen. I'm envious already.