Friday, October 4, 2013

Upstate Update

This is the newest round of photos from the contractor.

This first photo is of the kitchen wall - this is the only framed wall on the main floor.  This is a before photo.  I asked him to open up the upper section of that wall so the grid you are seeing is now a big window opening.  He is also opening up the soffit wall at the top.  I really want to keep this place as open as possible.  Less walls is more better.  I will post a whole before and after thing when it is done.

This is the wall over which we had such a tremendous disagreement - he pulled out the studs and ripped them down to 3 inches and then put them back up, thereby buying us one more inch of floor space and more than 12 cubic feet overall.  I'm glad it is done because one inch is the thickness of a picture or a floor molding or a little who knows what.

And here is the fireplace.  We are going to have to pick out an insert soon and get it installed.  I think we might be almost ready for that.

And here are some strange photos of the construction staircases in the entry structure. I guess he sent me these pix because he wanted me to know he is removing the bottom staircase to the basement and re-building it to code.

This is the staircase that has now been removed.

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