Monday, October 7, 2013

Calacatta Gold - Stone Score

I spent about four hours at BIGNYC Astoria on Saturday and it seems to me now like my mission was a success.

First, I was hoping to find some additional stone tile for the master bath.  I had just picked up 90 s.f. of 4"x12" white carrara subway tile ($15@s.f.) at Classic Tile in Dyker Beach (or Dyker Heights or whatever).  So, I was feeling pretty bummed about the big ticket for the stone for the interior of our shower and figured I might be able to lower the cost of the shower if I found something nice and cheaper to do the lower part of the shower walls - maybe return four or five boxes.  Because, remember, we still have to buy the glass and have all this stuff installed.  Ugh!

So, what did I find?

Well, I ended up getting a ton (literally) of 3/4" thick Calacatta Gold marble, mostly in 1'x2' tiles but with a whole mess of various other size 3/4" strips.  I'll post photos of them later, but here is the basic look of Calacatta Gold:

I ended up with 29 full 1'x2' tiles (58 s.f.).  I got another dozen or so pieces measuring 6"x36" - i.e., 1.5 s.f. each (~18 s.f.).  And then there were a lot of 3"x48" boards (1 s.f. each) - maybe 16 of those (16 s.f.).  Anyway, I ended up with over 70 s.f. of this stuff.  It is pretty great looking, but impossibly heavy.
It is going to take me 2 or three trips to get it all up to the house because my suspension just can't take too much of it.

The second thing I was looking for was about 90 feet of flexible crown molding to cover the visible plate at the top of the wall on one side of the main room.  I ended up getting about 160 linear feet of really pretty oak moldings.  They definitely show some flex, but I don't know if it will be enough.  I certainly hope they can be bent to our curve.  We'll see. 
I will add photos of all the moldings in a subsequent post.

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