Monday, October 21, 2013

Black and White Tile Inspiration

So now we are talking about using the existing basic black and white checkerboard tile pattern in the kitchen. Way back when, we thought we'd use those actual tiles and replace the few broken ones. I guess now we would replace the whole floor, but it'd still be cheaper than stone.
Here are some inspiration photos. HERE is the source that keeps coming up for painted cement tiles.
If we just do the ceramic, do we just get that at Home Depot? 
Also, I like the diagonal way better than running parallel to the straight walls.

Major kitchen inspo found here!
Lincoln Barbour
2078 Remodel: subway tile backsplash, butcherblock countertop, checkerboard tiles

tiles above the sink (white and black - or other color?)
old kitchen - LOVE the flooring!
The Steampunk Home • Cement Tiles make a Black and White Kitchen
Antique French cement tiles - French Vogue via
Women cooking in a black and white kitchen with Moravian starred ceilingKitchen floor tiles

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