Monday, October 14, 2013

DESIGN IDEA: Milk Glass Kitchen Light

We have been discussing what sort of light fixture to put in the kitchen as the principal light source for quite a while.  We have looked at various pendants and flush mounts and industrial stuff and super-industrial stuff, but we still hadn't come to any sort of consensus yesterday when we stopped by BIG NYC Gowanus to check out their reclaimed bannister material.  Anyway, as we were leaving the store we passed by a couple nice old milk glass ceiling light shades and stopped to look.  

It was one of those things where we both started out hesitant to say we liked the idea for fear of what the other might say, but ultimately it came out that we were both pretty open to this idea and thought one of these would look pretty good flush mounted in the middle of the kitchen.  We both preferred the one with the upside-down candle design on it.


They didn't have the light fixture hardware with them, but they will fit a standard 6" fitter so we can use a standard flush-mount fixture or a pendant fixture or a flush-mount with hourglass style drop fixture (see the following pix).  Here are some samples found on the web of how these can mount.
Style-wise, I like this hourglass flush-mount with drop most.  My only worry is that it drops the light about an extra six inches - still, we have plenty of headroom in our kitchen and it looks good.  I need to find a fixture like this in matt aluminum.
The chain is an absolute no-go for me.  I do not like this look at all.
And here is what it will look like lit, roughly.
Anyway, they weren't giving it away or anything but it wasn't outlandishly pricey so we agreed to buy it right then and there but then go home and check the price against ebay and return it if it was unreasonably overpriced.  Here is some of what I found on ebay.  They are all a little cheaper than the one we bought (not a lot, but enough to make it worth returning if we like them more), but none of them have the design on them.  I think I like the design.

I actually like the cakey shape on the body of this one most (maybe in part because my own body has become a little cakey shaped), but it was double the price of what we got - and it already sold, so no point pining for it.

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