Friday, October 4, 2013

Upstate Update - Plumber's Progress

The plumber just sent me photos of the shower they're building to make sure I am okay with it before he pours the first layer of concrete - that's the kind of communication I like.  

He has now laid out the floor of the shower with the drain placed dead center.  I didn't really want the drain in the middle.  I wanted it nearer the wall opposite the shower controls and not directly beneath the rain shower.  But it turns out there was a floor joist directly below our chosen location and moving it a little one way or the other looked stupid to him so he just went ahead and put it in the middle.  Whatever.  I trust him.  It will look nice.  I just wish we hadn't spent quite so much time discussing drain placement if I wasn't going to have any choice at all.


The shot below is of the shower wall with plumbing roughed in.  That big thing in the middle is a Waterworks thermostatic temperature control valve.  Just above it, to the left is the volume control valve for the overhead rain shower, the nipple of which you can see popping out of the wall up top.  And just above it to the right is the volume control valve for the hand shower which will be mounted on a chrome rail.  And all the way over to the right is the placeholder nipple for the elbow that the hand shower hose attaches to.  The hand shower handle will reside on one of those chrome rails which will be situated vertically between the hand shower volume control and the hand shower elbow.

And, finally, this below is the rough for the sink supply and drain.  I'm okay with it.  I wish we had a real plan for the bathroom, but we'll figure it out I guess... I guess.

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