Sunday, May 1, 2011

design idea - vintage stoves (Detroit Jewels)

Oh mama! The Detroit Jewel stoves are just beeeeeyooootiful.  I love all the cast iron and riveted steel framing and the brass moving parts and the shape of handles and knobs.  And notice how the gas pipe is right out in the open as it comes along the right edge of the stove top and then becomes the front rail from which all the knobs emerge.  Amazing.  (This one is $200 on CL and the current owner has been cooking on it for 30 years and is now finally getting a normal range top stove just to have a bigger workspace on top of the stove.)

Now, in these pix, look at the different pattern of the cast iron burner grates.  Wowie!!  (This one is $150 on CL and is basically for parts - but the parts look great.)

But that said, it is hard to argue with the simplicity and practicality of this stovetop, which is currently sitting in our shed waiting to be cleaned up and hooked up and which cost us absolutely NOTHING!

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Alessandra Smith said...

Hi. I need serious help with a Detroit Jewel Stove (we think it's 1930s) that we purchased and can't get hooked up because it's not "to code". It's been converted to propane. We live in rural Maine and honestly didn't even think about this being a problem. Apparently, we need to install some sort of gas sensor shut off valve so that it won't explode, which in all honesty, sounds like a good plan. Can you give me any advice or point me in the right direction about steps that I need to make this happen, please? I realize I'm grasping at straws here, but I'd really appreciate any information you can give me on this.