Friday, May 13, 2011

repairing fire damaged silo

The house is a silo constructed of 8 -inch wide, 2-inch thick, tongue and grooved staves which essentially form the structure of the house (i.e., there are no other framing elements holding up the walls of the house). So, one of the big concerns about repairing the fire damage to the exterior portions of the house was that removing staves to replace them could compromise the structural integrity of the house.  therefore, our guy opted to scrape off fire damage and then re-inforce the damaged elements as much as possible.  Here are some pix of how he repaired the most burnt section of the exterior - you can see where a couple pieces of the staves have been replaced with short sections of new wood - this is where the fire damage breached the hull.

Then a whole mess of screws held this thing tight in place.
Anyway, this was over the winter and all of this is now hidden beneath cedar siding, but it is fun to look back at how they fixed what a number of people said couldn't be done.

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