Sunday, May 8, 2011

design idea - chandelier pulley

Once I finish the big, dark, industrial chandelier, I am going to need to suspend it from the ceiling.  I know I haven't begun work on the chandelier yet, but it is never too early to begin imagining how it will be suspended.  My thought has been to run a chain or rope or cable through a big pulley mounted to the ceiling.  But which pulley?
There are so many lovely old pulleys of roughly the same vintage as the dumbwaiter pulley that I am using as the heart of the chandelier.  Below are some samples I found quickly on the internet. Note that a good many of them are made by the same company, Myers, that made the barn door roller-pulleys we got to carry the interior door from the box to the tube.  So check them out (click on the pix to enlarge):

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