Saturday, May 7, 2011

Lumber Van!!

We started the day early picking up a 12 foot cargo van way out in Queens.  We had reserved a 10 footer, but they were out so they gave us a 12, which was a good thing because we used every inch of it.

Our first stop was the garage in Williamsburg where we picked up the 500-600 square feet of reclaimed maple factory flooring that Lou and I bundled a few nights ago (that is the carefully stacked and tied stuff on the bottom of the van load).  This was a super cheap find on Craigslist - less than 55 cents per square foot.  Oh, and the seller threw in an old factory cart with big cast iron wheels on it - that thing weighs another hundred pounds easily.

Then we drove up to Greenwood Lake, NY and picked up about 220 square feet of reclaimed douglas fir flooring in one inch thick boards, three inches wide all in 7 foot and 8 foot lengths. Looks to be porch flooring. (This is the bunch of similar boards sitting right on top of the maple flooring). We also got a couple fat beams made of fir and oak. This was a free find on Craigslist.

Finally, we zipped up to Walden, NY where we picked up 25 pieces of 2"x4"x8' cedar decking along with a number of big cedar posts (including a 12 foot long 6"x6" post).  This was also a cheap find on Craigslist - the guy had leftovers from his own deck project. (This is all the stuff on top.)
So here it is, the parfait of lumber:

Oh, and we also had the disassembled Hoosier in there behind the driver seat.  And remember, this is a 12 foot cargo van - meaning that the cargo area is 12 feet deep.  Huge!

We had some help waiting for us at the house when we finally arrived so unloading was relatively painless.

There it is.

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