Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Woodstock Thoughts

I, too, have started thinking about Woodstock again as we see hints of Spring. Here are a bunch of things I've been pinning lately (and my board here). Themes include mismatched tiles and creative use of plackets/doors/windows.

 This lady painted an old door with glass paint and heat-set it with a hairdryer. She used it as a sort of backsplash to an outdoor bar kind of setup, but I feel like this is a total Woodstock project.

 Something about the scale and the sloping ceiling reminds me of our main floor even though it's obviously very different. But I love this overall feel. I actually thought that was a huge painting of a deer, which would be cool.

 Reminds me a lot of our upstairs bathroom. Was this a window turned into a mirror? Neat! How do you do that?

 Guest bedroom. Custom made trundle bed. Love it. A bunch of these are part of a Before & After on Design Sponge. I love every single pic from it. It is a lot of worn wood, white, and antiquey-ness. The palate and texture is exactly what I've been picturing for upstate. Check it out HERE.

 Black fireplace! Modern chairs that somehow add up to coziness. They replaced the floor. This floor is beautiful.

  I really like this kitchen. The sink, obviously, but also something about the half-black that is just classy.

 This is obviously another angle of the same thing you posted. Genius.

 Subway tile going the wrong way, it looks like? Perhaps this would solve the kitchen tile curve problem. Looks cool.

 Creepy old art. Whitewash. Exposed wall underneath. Love it.

 Placket shelves. Tiles. Rustic sink. (Clams!)

 Coool. Hard to execute without water getting everywhere?

This is what I picture when I see our master bedroom upstate. This headboard is a screen door frame. This is also how I see the layout sort of (the bed is against the mountain view wall.

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