Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Design Idea: Console on CL - How about this?

This is a Baker console/buffet on CL right now for $300.  Cheap as can be and perfect size.

38 1/2" high (floor to top of side curl) and 17" deep
The top opens up to become a full buffet and extends from 52 wide to 71 wide - AMAZING!!!
It is a lot like the one we didn't get this weekend at the warehouse down by the Brooklyn waterfront, but it is 4" wider and has a little more "Asianish" detail.
So, the size, price and functionality is perfect. But do you like the look?  
If it isn't perfect, then consider: at this price, is it an acceptable placeholderOr would we rather do machine legs with thick walnut shelves?


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The Higher Common Sense said...

How wide is the narrow part? like the actual storage? 52" seems like the very minimum width we talked about, and that's at the widest part of the whole thing.
That's my only criticism though. Other than that, I'm on board. I think it's cool and could benefit from a lick of paint. Or not, depending on what the wood looks like in person.
And honestly, I think it might be good to get something less wide and put a little shoe-putting-on-stool next to the door. Now that I think about it.
Is there not an extra little insert piece of wood to put in the gap when you expand it? I doubt we will ever use this feature but it's cool.
I've talked myself into it. DO IT!!!