Monday, March 11, 2013

Ikea PS Cabinet as Landing Strip

 We were looking at the Ikea PS cabinet for a credenza but thought maybe it was too low. Here are several examples of the PS in homes with looks that I love. I don't think any of them have quite our ceiling height, but they look good, no? Several of these examples use them as landing strips and I think they work great. Perhaps we could add a wood top for an extra inch or two. Plus we'll have some kind of tray or boxes on top for keys and stuff. I think it will end up feeling like a good key-dropping height. We are used to having that big Eames unit there.

You know what? We should have a small chair just inside the door for shoes, and the cabinet just beyond that, so that when you are sitting you can empty all your pockets right next to you. That's what a lot of these people have done!

Here is just a pretty credenza with similar proportions.

 Ooh! here is a hack for stacking two. That could work!

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