Thursday, November 29, 2012

Double Dresser Ideas.

So, we are agreed that we should consider getting a double dresser or two dressers for the wall opposite the foot of our bed, but what to get?  Here are some ideas for discussion - just to figure out what we both like. To be clear, I could live with any of these but they are not presented in any particular order of preference.

This is old PBTeen "Locker" stuff from craigslist ($250 for both - cheap!!)  Obviously, we would need to paint the drawers.  They match our bedstands though and are super durable.

Or this current one from PB Teen ($1099).

Or this one from PB Teen ($899).

Or two of these from PB Teen, but with a serious paint job and new pulls ($899 each).

Or this from Copeland - $2530 - (
Or this one also from Copeland (at Jensen Lewis) (

Or these from Kidegories (no idea the price) (

Or this style from - undoubtedly it was expensive. Double Dresser by Raymond Loewy for Mengel.  Me likey.

Or these from Toms Price - - Price unknown.
New Mix Double Dresser $699 - Made by Young America - Sold at Living Quarters (ask for Vicki) - 60th St & 16th Ave - 54.5W x 19.25D x 34.5H

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The Higher Common Sense said...

I like the more clean-lined ones. Like the Copelands very much, but suddenly that puts the bedroom in a very midcentury direction, and we already have that elsewhere. Now with the rugs and the purple chair, I am thinking about a more rustic, relaxing vibe. I think those bottom two, the Stickley and the bottom one you mentioned, are my favorites. Raw wood, no frills.