Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Ceiling Lights

So, now that the second floor is almost done, we need to pick some ceiling lights for the three main rooms: V's Salon (f/k/a the kitchen), Bibliotheque & Bedroom

For V's salon, we discussed something simple.  Milk-glass was discussed.  V said "Cake-shaped" - which brings to mind the standard kitchen fixtures from the fifties with their nubbly milk glass shades.  Like this:

Although I like them in the right room, I think these scream "1950's kitchen" and we're trying to turn the old kitchen into something more than a kitchen.

I like the idea of a light that stands a little off the ceiling - rather than a full on flush-mount.  But what we don't want is something big and bulky that hangs too far down since the ceiling is already a little lowish.  We just removed the big dark ugly ceiling fan and we definitely don't want to go back that direction.

We talked, I think, about something like this - might be good:

$52 at Home Depot.  It would probably be worth painting the "antique bronze" mounting part of it some other color - something other than white or dark - but fun? Poppy maybe?  I dunno - just not this awful faux antiquey metal color.  Maybe make it look like this genuine old one off ebay for $105 (with shipping):
or this new one from Rejuvenation - (http://www.rejuvenation.com/catalog/products/hawkins) - $195 plush shipping:

Anyway, the kitchen/weirding room is V's choice.

For the middle room - the biblioteque (which we will probably end up calling the den), I think what we most want to avoid is anything that draws attention up or to the ceiling.  It is a windowless room and already feels pretty confined so I think simple and very light is best.  I could almost just go with a really flat simple flush-mount fixture like I grew up with in my bedroom.  Like this:
And that's even a little more decorative than I had in mind.  I just mean a square shade with a nut in the center.  
Or what about something like this? (Home Depot - $130).
I like it. V?

For the bedroom, again, I think simple and flush mount is the trick.  But a little more decorative or designey would be good.  Something like this, maybe? $165 online (http://www.lightingnewyork.com/product/kichler-lighting-pira-flush-mount-10804ba.html)

So there it is.  We have to pick these out and get them ASAP though because I need the contractor to install them this week (i.e., on Friday I guess) so that we can get the apartment re-inspected next week for the refi.


The Higher Common Sense said...

I am totally good with that $52 one from Home Depot. Of the group on apt therapy, I like that one second only to #4, the (probably expensive) Hudson valley one. When I said "cake-shaped", I wasn't necessarily thinking super 50s, but more just a simple shape with edges as opposed to a ball. I like that those 2 hang slightly away from the ceiling to give the impression a pendant-y shape, without actually hanging that low (also #16).
I also like that donut-y one for the middle room more than the big flat thing. More than the big disk. What happened to using those rice paper saucers?

Max Othermoxx said...

The rice paper saucers - which are actually George Nelson "bubble lamps - saucer" - are fine, but I think they are a little large and will draw attention up toward the ceiling which, according to every blog post I can find about how to make a low ceiling room seem larger is a no-no. Apparently it is best not to draw attention up.
We are agreed then that the donut light is good for the middle room so let's go with that.
I like #4 too. It will cost somewhere between $319 and $650 depending on the size and finish you want it in. Or, if you like the Home Depot one we can go with it immediately because it is easy to get and if you change your mind we can upgrade to #4 later.

The Higher Common Sense said...

I was just giving you an idea of the shapes I'm responding to. It doesn't make $250 worth of difference to me. I like the home depot just fine.