Sunday, November 18, 2012

Whereupon Lou cried out...

Demonstrating a keen understanding of how the internet, and blogs in particular, work, Lou commented on that last post and indicated that he is particularly aroused by desks like this Mid Century Modern Paul McCobb Desk:

Thanks Lou!  I wish more people would leave their comments on the blog so that they show up as part of the conversation and encourage discussion.

Which reminds me of this Olivetti desk I once spied in the window of a shop in Soho back in the days when Soho didn't suck so bad.
I just like how the drawers are suspended from the inside of the leg and can be hung on either side or you can have two sets of drawers, one on either side.  And the top on the one I saw was real wood and lovely.

And here's another lovely one that looks trestle-y, but I don't think qualifies since it isn't on trestles but merely has the same style of top that those other trestle desks have.

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