Sunday, December 9, 2012

Enough ideas already! New dressers all around!!

After much thinking and talking and window shopping the internet and real live shopping in stores, we made a sharp right turn yesterday and pulled the trigger.  We picked up this pair of traditional his and hers dressers off Craigslist from a nice couple in Little Neck, Queens. 
Here they are in our new bedroom.

This one is mine.

This one is V's
They are 60 year old solid cherry dressers made by Stickley and in near perfect condition. They have only had a single owner - the fellow I got them from told me his mother bought them when he was a little boy.

I'm kind of freaking out about the construction. Look at the pictures. These things could last forever. I sometimes forget that almost nothing in furniture is as exciting to me as great craftsmanship.

The drawers are all dovetailed together.
The drawer slides are mortised into the side pieces.
This pull-out shelf is build tight and solid and moves like it is on rails without wobble even though it just fits neatly into a slot.
The backs are made of real wood nailed into place.  No particle board and no staples anywhere.
There are thin pieces of wood between the drawers so that too many socks in the one drawer don't fall into the drawer below or impede the movement of the drawer above (not pictured). There is no sway or racking when you push from any angle. (Oh, how I dislike Ikea.)
But enough about that. On to another musing. It struck me as I carefully loaded the drawers that it has been 25 years since I used a dresser as my primary clothing storage solution. It is a pretty great invention, the dresser. V had the exact same response since, like me, she has been dressing off shelves and bins on shelves for the past decade as well.  I am really enjoying arranging all of my clothing in my many drawers completely out of sight but so easy to find.

It never occurred to me how happy this simple piece of furniture would make me.

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