Wednesday, February 15, 2012

TBONTB - upholstered chairs

Since this blog began with an inquiry about the re-upholstery of a chair, it seems fitting that I should return to that topic in earnest.
What do we think of this chair?  I have been offered a pair of them in great condition, both just like this one.  The brown rug definitely makes it look worse than it would in a more contemporary or industrial or whatever setting.  How would it look on recycled maple flooring?  It is green wide wale velvet corduroy (or something like corduroy) and that isn't going away without a significant investment in re-upholstery.  Anyway, what do we think?

[UPDATE: We didn't get the chairs - for some reason they gave them to a thrift shop - bummer. Although I think V is probably happy about it. Oh well.]

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