Sunday, November 3, 2013

Long Day Upstate

Wow! What a long day.
I took all that slate up to the house today.

I also took the stained glass window that I picked up at the same stoop sale yesterday.

While I was up there I began chipping away at the old tiles on the kitchen floor.  Unexpectedly difficult.  I spent around two hours hammering away at these things and I didn't even finish 20%. But I did manage to put a massive bruise on my left forearm from where I hit myself several times when the sledge hammer glanced off the top of the chisel I was using.  So, yeah, I hit myself in the arm repeatedly with a small sledge hammer.  What about it?!

One of my goals for today was to start cleaning up the old maple factory flooring that I bought three years ago and which has been sitting in our shed taking up half the floor space ever since.  I took rough measurements and now I need to figure out if we even have enough to cover the floor.  I think we might come up short.  And even if we do have enough in gross, we will net much less once I have ripped all the dirty edges off.

Remember this stuff?

What else?  I don't remember.  I'm really tired.

[UPDATE: This day's exertions resulted in a backache that lasted about three weeks.]

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