Saturday, November 16, 2013

ACQUISITION: Fortuny Chandelier - it is ours

We drove out to the Jerz today to see this light fixture I found on CL.  The seller agreed to drop the price down to a number I was comfortable with so we bought it.  I had to get up on a ladder and uninstall it from her ceiling, so that was a tiny adventure.  Overall fairly simple.  

Here it is in the trunk of our car.

This thing is really big and really cool looking.  It is about 33 inches across and has a three-bulb fixture that hangs down in it.  Basically, it is awesome.  It is going to look amazing hanging from the center of that high vaulted ceiling in our master suite.  Hooray!!

Now we have to figure out where to store the thing until it is time to install it - although that time is not more than a month or two away! Indeed, we could install it now if we weren't concerned about it ending up covered with dust from ongoing work.

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