Wednesday, November 13, 2013

DESIGN IDEA: Master Bedroom Light Fixture (Oh, hello again, Mr. Fortvny)

I mentioned in a post a couple years ago that I was fond of the Fortuny hanging silk light fixtures.  I didn't realize that they do the same shape and style fixtures in Venetian glass.  Anyway, here are the offerings at this very moment from ebay and craigslist:

This one is glass and is on Craigslist for $499.  It takes three bulbs, which is good since our ceiling is high and the room large and oddly shaped.  Methinks it very very pretty.

This one is silk and does not have the ornate designs like the one I saw at BIG  years ago.  A pair of these are on ebay right now for $2000 for the pair.  they only take one bulb so not as much light, but I do like the simplicity.

What do you think?

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