Thursday, November 21, 2013

DESIGN IDEA: Mix & Match Plumbing Trim

I have mentioned in at least a couple prior posts the vast amounts of brand new, super high end Waterworks plumbing I have picked up cheap on Craigslist.  Anyway, now that the plumbing is all roughed in, it is time to figure out which trim kits we are going to use.  The problem is, we don't have enough matching trim kits for all the various locations in our master bath -- not even for the shower alone.  By itself, the master shower requires five different trim items - 3 controls and 2 outlets:

  1. thermostatic valve control
  2. overhead shower volume control
  3. overhead shower arm and head
  4. hand shower volume control
  5. hand shower wall outlet and hand shower assembly
So, while we have an abundance of great parts, they aren't going to match.  And, keep in mind, there are two ways they can match or not match: style and metal finish.  I am pretty comfortable with the handle styles not matching, but having dramatically mismatched metals might be a little harder to get okay with (e.g., vintage brass and chrome, or polished nickel and brushed nickel).

So, what do we think of these two mismatched lads for spots #2 and #4?

They are both polished chrome, although the one on the left is a little warmer in tone as a result of the way the nickel was applied to the brass before it was chromed (newsflash (to me at least): a layer of nickel is commonly used underneath other metals when plating brass because it gives better connection - basically, nickel is the primer of electroplating).

And then we would use one of these vigorous gentlemen for spot #1:

and this frolicsome lass for spot #5:

And finally, looming overhead will be this friendly 10 inch (and 10 pound) rain shower on an 18 inch arm at spot #3:
Yes, we are going to get there.  One way or another, I am going to shower up in that house by next Spring.

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