Monday, September 16, 2013

Upstate update again and again and again... just getting depressed again.

Some new photos from our contractor.  The Master Bedroom floor has been installed.  I am glad it is in, but I am a little hesitant to say I like it because I am seeing some dark shadows along the seams and I hope that doesn't mean it is uneven - ugh.  I will see it this weekend and report back.

This, below, is some hardwood we got from BIG a couple years ago.  We have enough for the entry landing and the landing outside the main room.  I gave the contractor a piece of it and he sanded it and finished it and it looks nice.  We'll probably use it for those two landings - maybe - possibly.

And here is the kitchen, all cleaned up -  by which I mean there is no longer a massive stack of hardwood flooring in it since it all got installed upstairs - maybe not all, but a lot of it.

And here is another photo of the staircase in progress.

I am feeling that we could have done things better if we had planned better or had someone working for us whose creative vision and abilities we trusted more.  As things stand, I don't think anyone who has worked on this house shares or even understands our vision at all.  It makes me pretty sad that I keep discovering this at every little step where I trust someone to make a minor creative decision on their own and they blow it horribly (e.g., gloss varnish on the staircase).  Anyway, I just want it done and we'll go back and fix it in post, as they say.

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