Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Thoughts on a Shower Floor (or: Turning our Shower into a Wow!er)

Do you like that? Shower/Wow!er?  That is the kind of cheesy title that would make me stop reading a blog.  But since I have no readership at all, I feel comfortable I'm not scaring anyone off.
Anyway, current plans call for the shower pan to be poured this week.  Hopefully, we would have the shower walls built and ready to tile by next week.  But anyway, the point is that it is time to start thinking about how we want our shower tiled.

Happily, the shower floor is not likely to be much bigger than 3'x4' = 12 sq. ft.  Yippee!! At that size, we can pretty much afford anything imaginable (provided our imaginations don't go too crazy).  Even the really crazy stuff doesn't usually go higher than $22 per square foot.

So, for the moment we are thinking that the shower walls will be done in the same white carrara gioia 12'x12' marble tile as the bathroom floor up to about 4 feet high - then they will be glass from there on up.  This is the stuff:

we have 150 square feet of this stuff - not sure that will be enough for the floor and shower walls, but we'll see.  luckily, this stuff is pretty ubiquitous so we can get more if we need to.
And here are some thoughts I had for the floor:
1" marble penny rounds
1" carrara marble hex
2" carrara marble hex
Ming Green Jade something or other.  LOVE IT!!!

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