Thursday, September 26, 2013

DESIGN IDEA: Half-Height Tiled Shower Wall with Glass Upper Wall

I think the final decision was to have a half-height tiled wall on the sink side of the shower with glass going up from there.  Here are some examples I found on the web.

This is pretty much EXACTLY what our shower layout will be - with shower walls, door and fixtures in exactly the same places.  The only differences are: (1) our shower is a 3' x 4' rectangle with the shower door wall being the long wall so we will have a larger shower door; (2) the wall to the left of the shower door may be a full tiled wall all the way up and not half-height tile wall and half glass from there on up (i.e., we wouldn't have that little sliver of glass to the left of the shower door; (3) our overhead shower will not come out of the ceiling - our pipe will come straight off the wall over the hand shower and extend out to mid-shower and then turn straight down; (4) the two glass sides of our shower will not go all the way to the ceiling - they will just stop at about 8 feet high.  Where the towel bars are is in this picture is where the our bathroom sink counter will be.

Very like our fixture layout will be except that the door will be a little to the right and there will be a tiled stub wall. We will not have any full height glass except for the door itself.   I really really like what they did with the tile here.  We could consider getting a different shape of carrara for the shower walls and floor so that it doesn't just blend in with the bathroom floor.  I would like that.

Nice wall height and nice ledge at the top.  We can't do a diagonal door because that would mean giving up too much space in the shower.

This is sort of the mirror image of what our shower layout will be.


This is very like the layout of the knobs and fixtures we will have.  Where the tub is in this picture is where our bathroom sink counter will be.. 

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