Thursday, September 26, 2013

Inventory: upstate stereo superfind

I picked up eight of these funny round little speakers made by Orb Audio together with an Orb 200W subwoofer at a stoop sale last Sunday here in our neighborhood. I had never heard of the brand but they looked well made and the price was right so I made then mine.
Anyway, i did a little research and they are made (or maybe just assembled) in America which is pretty unusual for anything electronic. And the company is right here in NYC. So I called them on Monday and asked about the speakers and apparently the deal is that you put the little round ones in pairs and they deliver some really nice sound.
Anyway, these are going upstate. They will fit right in to our misfit adventure house. I'm excited about sitting in a chair up there and listening to music in front of the fire. Does that make me an old person?

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