Monday, February 25, 2013

Parlor Rug Size

What do all these living rooms have in common? Aside from a vibe and palette that I love, they all feature area rugs on wood floors. The rugs are all just large enough to define the sitting area while leaving the floor largely exposed. We have been talking about a larger scale rug that almost mimics wall-to-wall carpet. I think a smaller rug has the effect of focusing the room and creating a cozy area for hanging out, while making the rest of the room feel expansive. 

Also -- and I think this is not a small consideration -- sweeping or swiffing is so much easier than vacuuming, and therefore could be done every day rather than once a week, so I think ultimately the living room would be much cleaner. I must add that I am speaking as the person who will be doing most of the cleaning.

I know most of these living rooms are not brownstones and have very different dimensions and layouts from our house, but I think you can get the idea of grand space vs. cozy delineated seating area.  Imagine the bottom photo if they had a huge rug over everything instead of that small one that creates a special space. I think it would lose something.

Also, this way we could go with a more exciting rug if we knew it was possible to keep that area off-limits to dog and messy stuff. If we cover the whole floor, we just have to pray never to spill, but if we differentiate this one area, I am more confident that we could keep the dog out of the danger zone, and then we can pick something lighter or plusher or fancier or whatever. Then the problematic big box of a parlor floor becomes two nice areas: living room and dining area.


Max Othermoxx said...

I agree that it makes it look much more intimate and thought through. But take a look at how nice the wood floors under their rugs are. If we had nice wood, I would be much more inclined to go this way. But we have awful wood floors in the LR. I'd definitely consider it - I definitely like the way it looks more than a giant rug - but I really don't want to look at our awful skinny board hardwood floor with awful shiny finish.

Max Othermoxx said...

Oh - and these are great pix and make the point well - so I agree with you. Let's think about other ways to solve my problem with the ugly wood flooring so we can pursue this.