Friday, February 15, 2013

IDEAS: Sackcloth & Patchwork Upholstery

Fair to say that everything isn't for everyone.  I am already a little tired of everything below after only ten minutes of scavenging pix from around the web.  But there are less precious ways of doing this kind of stuff.  Especially the patchwork upholstered stuff below - which is just too too cutesy.  But that doesn't mean that mixing and matching a few different nice fabrics on a chair or sofa would be a mistake - just be a little less whoopdy-doo about it.  

As for these coffee sack upholstery jobs, I love the idea and I just think it's overdone.  Actually, I like the stripes most - the words are a little whatever.

If you really care, you can go to or just generally look at peoples' upholstery and slipcover albums on pinterest. 

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