Wednesday, February 13, 2013

IDEA: Dueling Loveseats

We have one light colored loveseat already (let's call it "Loveseat A"):
And a light colored pair of chairs: 

But I really like this light colored loveseat currently on CL a lot (we'll call it "Loveseat B"):

So, what would we do with it? 
Well, I am picturing something like this dueling loveseats arrangement but with the loveseats turned 90 degrees so that they line up with the windows - and then with the two chairs against the window wall facing into the space between the loveseats:

Or, if that doesn't work spacewise, we could lose Loveseat A entirely and put the two chairs in place of the second loveseat in a similar dueling arrangement.
And we have discussed re-doing one or more of these pieces of furniture either with re-upholstery or with paint or magic markers ala:

So these are just some things to think about.  And, to be clear, I would be fine experimenting with Loveseat A but not with Loveseat B.  I would even be fine if we end up dumping Loveseat A since it only cost $120 and came with two reading lamps we really like that are worth more than the whole loveseat.

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