Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Lighting ideas

Here are some things I've seen that are different from what we have been talking about but I think would work and are not heinously priced. I would be ok with anything here. This is assuming we couldn't find an affordable/appropriate version of the brass/white ball thing we've been discussing.

1. CB2 - oversized equator pendant lamp. I think that's quite nice actually. $199.

2. All Modern Larkin - 4 lights 32" $199. Handsome.

3.  All Modern Periwinkle 8-ball chandelier. 31" $300. 

4. One of the few examples of modern candelabra style that I don't mind. All modern Cardinal 9-light chandelier 36" $460

Brendan Ravenhill Hood chandelier. Expensive but cool.

CB2 Radial Chandelier. 30" $299

DIY tutorial here
Froy Schermer ceiling lamp white 36.6" max, $399

An example of our kind of house with the ball fixtures. I like it a lot. I like this mismatch a lot. The 1-tier one should be easy to diy, no?

HangoutLighting Etsy shop makes cluster chandeliers. You choose cord color, number of balls etc.

Kichler 42121. Not cheap. I think nice ones of these are not just placeholders. 

Kichler 43680 Danika chandelier 

Laboratory 4 light Mini chandelier 44" $378. Very specific but I like that it's kind of a knockoff of the following

$16,100 from BEC Brittain, sold at Matter

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