Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Living Room Lighting I'm Liking Lately

Here is a selection of ceiling lights/chandeliers I am liking.  These are all taken from 1st Dibs and none of them are cheap.  I like some more than others, but in one way or another I like them all.
The common theme is that most of them are wide at or near the bottom and they don't hang too far from the ceiling.  Most important, they have multiple bulbs and light up, down and to all sides.
For reference and discussion purposes, each light has a number beneath it.

A2 - How do you change the bulbs?
A4 - This is about 9 feet across and came out of JFK airport.
A5 - Venini, I think.
A7 - Maybe a little baloonsy.
A9 - Enormous, but scalable and could be shorter top to bottom.  Also, pretty simple to construct.
A13 - The "Artichoke" light.
A14 - These style are all called "Sputnik" light fixtures.
A17 - I think I could make this out of bundt pans.
A19 - Too yellow, and too 70's.
A20 - Inexpensive copies of this are available for around $350.
A21 - Looks like a bug pod with hatchlings trying to get out.

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The Higher Common Sense said...

A1. Classy.
A3. LOVE!!!
A7. I don't mind balloonsy in this instance.
A8. I like.
A9. I saw this somewhere online and really liked it. I don't think it's at all simple to construct.
A10. A little space-age and passe, but brass and white is always nice. I like the clean lines.
A11. I actually like this the more I think about it. Probably the most suited to our house in a way.
A12. Yes. Can you tell I like brass and white? And clean lines with bulbousy bulbs?
A14. Meh. I would like this if we had it, but I feel like that look is kind of over.
A15-16. Can't really go wrong with chandeliers, I think.
A19. A bit much but I would love it if we lived in LA.
A21. I don't like the bug pods.