Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Silo Update

Got this update from the Contractor last week:
There are 8 carriage bolts in one photo. there are 3 all-thread rod with flats, locks, and nuts.
the smoke detectors are in place with new batteries and the fire extinguisher is by the front door ready for inspection.
Jacking of the top floor is completed with a 1/16" variation from the edge of the silo to the center of the silo (used to be well over 2 inches!
The wall by where the stair case will be has been framed and insulated.
The platform for the stair case is in the dining room with the rest of the stair case.
The tub is on the deck so it is now out of the way and getting rinsed by the 7.5" of rain we have recently experienced.
There is a small leak by the fireplace that warrants investigation. I will follow-up. 
There is a photo of the sheets of walnut plywood and they look great.
He has cut the maple plywood for the bedroom and bathroom windows and says they look great.

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