Thursday, January 3, 2013

Preparing to Ship a Dining Table Across America

Packing the dining table to ship from CA to NY was no small task.  It is possible however that B and I rendered it more complicated than was truly necessary.  Anyway, I'm pretty proud of the shipping crate we built and I have confidence it will make the trip safely and in style.

Here is a pic of the shipping crate we built lined with rigid foam insulation - the foil was unnecessary since R-value is not our concern, but they didn't have foil-free insulation at HD and it looks super space-age with it.

 And this is the packed table in box - who knew the Danes started making stuff flat-packable way back in the fifties.  Thanks, Danes.

The Big B with our day's work.  This took way way way too long to do.

Thank you Big B.  As previously indicated, you are invited to every Thanksgiving dinner ever served on this table for ever and ever hereafter.

Based on our excellent craftsmanship, I am calling us the "Sarcophaguys".

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