Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Customizing Placeholder Chairs?

We really need to get some dining chairs to motivate us to put our dining table into use and christen the new dining room with a little dinner party. There is a set of four Wegner chairs we will probably get from some guys in Ohio, but that could take a month or two waiting for them to come to NYC to drop off. Meanwhile, here's an option from CraigsList I have mentioned before: 

This set of six Henredon Hollywood Regency style dining chairs in a boring finish with boring fabric, but at an impossibly low price for solid chairs: $220 for the set. I offered the seller $150 and if he says yes, I think we'll have to take them (although I could always back out and blame my wife). 

Anyway, I don't mind the style of these chairs at all. I think it is just the awful 1980's wood finish and fabric that bums a fellow out. But here are some pix of what they could look like with a little love and crafting. 

First things first. We can strip and/or paint the wood fairly easily, but the upholstery and caning is what it is unless we want to try our hand at re-upholstering the seats. So, here are some upholstery paint examples: (all of the following examples are from: 

 These ones were done with DecoArt SoSoft fabric paint. 

This one was done with RIT Fabric Dye painted on. The one on the right is before and left is after. 

And these ones were done with acrylic paint mixed with fabric medium. (Before on left - after on right). This is an excellent example because there is a light pattern on the fabric and the person was concerned with keeping the fabric very soft. 

The person above followed the instructions of the person who did this (Before on left - after on right). She has very thorough instructions on her blog: 

  SO, with that in mind, here are some looks that don't entirely rely on fancy finishes or expensive upholstery. (CLICK ANY PIC TO ENLARGE) 

Note that this is the same chair as the ones I am looking at on CL but in white with contrast trim. They are on Ebay: (asking $495 for four - no takers yet)

And here are more in a variety or styles, all of which I think have something to show us about what can be done.


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