Monday, August 20, 2012

Visible Progress

On account of the busy time we've been having, it has been over 2 months since I have visited the house.  So, I drove up yesterday with friend Lou to see what progress has been made in my absence.  Turns out quite a big has been done - or at least it seems like a lot because it is very visible progress.

The biggest development is on the top floor.  The guys finished installing the sheetrock and it is all ready to tape and mud and spackle.  Also, they finished roughing in all the plumbing for the master bathroom so it is time to pick floor tile so they can install it and then get the toilet and tub installed on top of it.
  Here is Lou standing in the Master Bedroom on the top floor.  That lozenge shaped object behind him is a piece of insulation cut to the size and shape of the tub.  The guys used it to figure out the tub placement in the bathroom.

  This is the master bedroom ceiling.  Seems like it was a relatively complicated sheetrock installation job.

  This is the view looking into the master bath from the doorway.  That cutout on the left is where the back wall of the shower will be.  The walls are blue because the type of sheetrock used for bathrooms (often called greenboard) is actually blue.

  This is the wall behind where the tub will be.  The skylight will be right over the tub.

  This is Lou standing in the bathroom door.

Another of the bedroom ceiling.  the two walls you are seeing in the lower part of the photo are the exterior wall of the bathroom (left) and the wall over the staircase (right).

  This is the view into the baby nook.

  Lou standing in front of the wall over the staircase.  Bathroom door is on the left.

  Baby nook again.

View from the bathroom door looking into the bedroom.

  The shower stall.  This photo is rotated 90 degrees CCW.

There are the kitchen walls and the big steel beam in the main floor ceiling. 

Obviously, there is still a lot of work to do.

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